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Hardware and Software

Here you will find a  run down of my P.C. hardware specification together with the software used to run the simulator and record the flight, and where you can find the files should you want to. All software not produced by Microsoft is freeware.

A huge thankyou to all those who produced files I've used, but I've been unable to personally credit as I'm unaware of the author details.

System Hardware:

bulletAMD Athlon 1800+ Processor

bullet512mb 333mhz SD Ram

bullet40gb 7,200 rpm Maxtor Hard Drive

bulletGeForce 4 MMX 440 Graphics Card

bulletMicrosoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick (Not Force feedback)



bulletMicrosoft Windows XP Professional

The operating system.

bulletMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition 

The simulator itself.

bulletMicrosoft FrontPage 2000

Website authoring program used to create this site.

bulletFSScreen by Matthias Holzer

Utility for taking screenshots.

fsscreen.zip available from Flightsim.com

Note that my use of this program has since been superceded by the following:

MulitiGrab by Martin Wright

Icon on the page available from MW Graphics

bulletFS98/FS2000/FS20002 FSReal Time 2002 by Joshua Robertson 3D Softworks

Keeps FS2002's time accurate.

realtime.zip available from Flightsim.com

bulletFS2002 ActiveSky 2002 by Damian Clark

Provides real weather.

actiyv11.zip available from Flightsim.com

bulletWeathermaker by calibre software

Off-line weather generator for when I can't be on-line at the time of the flight.

weathermakerfiles.zip available from http://www.calibresoftware.com/ 

bulletFSUIPC by Peter Dowson

Module that allows all sorts of interaction with the simulator.

FSUIPC.zip available from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

bulletEdit Voice Pack by Lars Møllebjerg

Updates ATC with additional airline callsigns etc.

EditVoicepack21.zip available from Flightsim.com

bulletDisplay.cfg update for GeForce 4 MX version graphics cards by Scott Jelinek

Essential update that allows these type of cards to display animated water, reflections etc.

gf4mxdsp.zip - available from Flightsim.com

bulletFS Sky World Se V2.3 by FSW group

Improved clouds and sky colour.

FSkyal23.zip from FSW.com

Numerous add-on files, particularly for the U.K. Too many to mention all the authors I'm afraid. If you see any of your scenery in any of my screenshots, rest assured that you have my thanks for producing it.


bulletPaint job by Chris Klein*

The only slight modification to this is the propeller spinners which have been restored to chrome. 

aqua.zip available from Avsim.com

bullet Personally revised aircraft.cfg and airfile to provide realistic flight dynamics based on a combination of files by Touradg Morassaei and F.S.D. and information provided by Raytheon Aircraft.

Provides realistic airspeeds, fuel capacity and useage, and flight handling. 

bb58rd.zip (Touradg Morassaei) available from Flightsim.com
FSDtwinS.zip (F.S.D.) available from Simviation.com. Additional Information obtained from Raytheon Aircraft

bullet My own panel based on a panel re-work done by G. Coca*

I changed the clock to the Mooney Bravo version, (better visibility and more consistent appearance with the other gauges), and added:

Ice warning and parking brake lights
ATC command buttons
Digital Windspeed Gauge
TCAS display and switches
Overhead panel (switchable on or off with sim icon)
Digital Bank Angle Gauge
Digital Fuel use and calculation Gauge (by Rob Guy)

Numerous gauges repositioned.

Unless otherwise indicated, I'm unaware of the authors
of the additional gauges but thanks again to them for producing them.

panelsgc.zip available from Flightsim.com

My Panel is now available for download!

Go to Simviation.com, and search the FS2002 Panels section - you'll se it under the heading: "FS2002 Pro only Baron 58 RTW 2003 Panel V2.1"

At the time of writing, you can access it direct via this link:


bulletSound Package by Aaron R. Swindle, Skysong Soundworks

I retained the original flap sounds as I prefer them.

bbsndrv1.zip available from Flightsim.com

bulletAdded landing light reflections on the fuselage by Kaveh Payandeh

In any screenshots taken at night, you'll see the landing lights shining on the the underside of the nose thanks to this file. (Note that the file name is r n l e.zip, not mle.zip.)

rnle.zip available from Flightsim.com.

bulletAdded Taxi light reflections on the fuselage

Unfortunately author unknown, but works in the same way as the landing light reflections except that it's hooked to the taxi lights only.

bulletCockpit view of aircraft lights by Marcel Felde - Enables Nav, Strobe and Beacon lights to be seen from within the 2D cockpit.

mm_ltfx.zip available from Flightsim.com

bulletAircraft damage effects enabled - Add "Visual_damage=1" to your aircraft.cfg file just above "description" entry.


*Note - The paintjob file has white spinners, and the panel file does not include the additional gauges mentioned or the overhead panel.

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Source code and graphics © J.Consterdine 2003