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Flight Rules

This flight is being undertaken adhering to the following rules:

bulletAll done in real time - no acceleration of time inside the sim. I will be using the autopilot though. The times flown will also be real.

Experience from my last attempt has shown me that this is best done during the day (local time) for the purposes of taking pictures, but this may not always be possible depending upon what time I can actually find enough time on my P.C. to make the flight.

bulletAir Traffic Control will be used and adhered to at all times

bulletNavigation by VFR Rules (loosely). I'm not setting up any flight plans. I've only a rough idea of which route I'm taking and this could change at any time during the flight depending upon requests from site visitors, places I discover en route that I want to explore further, or what time my dinner will be ready. GPS will be the primary navigation aid although 

bulletWhere possible, it will be flown using real weather, including turbulence. This isn't always possible as I no longer have a broadband connection. In the event that I'm unable to use real weather, I'll take a best guess at the weather conditions and set them up. 

bulletIf I crash, I'll assess the likelihood of a fatality and if it proves to be realistically terminal, I'll end the flight. Otherwise there will be a respite while I repair the aircraft and take off again from the nearest airfield.

bulletRe-fuelling will only undertaken at airports, not in-flight. Because I'll be navigating by Visual Flight Rules and flying through some fairly barren areas at times, I'm taking the liberty of re-fuelling at any airfield, irrespective of whether or not it provides a re-fuelling facility. At airports which don't provide a re-fuelling area, I'll assume that some local farmer/eskimo/passing pizza delivery van <grin> takes sympathy on me and goes to get me some.

bulletThe aircraft specification for performance is standard. I'm using a modified panel and airfile (see Hardware and Software), but otherwise, no turbo-charging or other performance enhancing effects.

bulletI am flying solo and will be the only person piloting the aircraft throughout the duration of the flight.

Source code and graphics J.Consterdine 2003