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Previous updates to the site.

Site Update Information Archive

19.30 28th February 2003 The forum is back! I was under the impression that my forum provider had collapsed as it was down for over a week, but thankfully the problems have been sorted. :-) 
The next leg is a little delayed due to me having uploaded my panel to It's available here if you want it.
02.30 22nd February 2003 Ninth leg published. There are currently problems accessing my forum. Please bear with this - I may need to change forum provider unfortunately.
01.15 15th February 2003 Pics revised on home page to reflect new panel and Hardware and Software page updated.
12.15 10th February 2003 Amended the description screenshot of "The Whitehouse" to "The Capital Building" - thanks to chriskeev for pointing this out.
14.15 9th February 2003 Another pre-booked destination added to the Flight Log page.
14.15 8th February 2003 The marathon Leg 8 is here! A session of of 12 hours 40 minutes taking in 5 airports, covering 1,837nm and 46 screenshots!
04.00 1st February 2003 Don't I feel stupid! Leg 7 was in fact to Rockcliffe airport, Ottawa - not Williamson (which is another pre-booked destination in Australia). All entries corrected. Thanks to netshadoe for pointing out the error.
04.00 1st February 2003 Another pre-booked destination added to the Flight Log page.
15.15 1st February 2003 Seventh leg to Rockcliffe Airport, Ottawa Canada completed.
21.45 28th December 2002 Sixth leg to Poste Montagnais, Quebec Canada completed.
23.20 18th December 2002 Fifth leg to Qikitarjuaq, Canada completed.
19.50 15th December 2002 Fourth leg to Alert, Canada completed.
New entry for FS Sky World in the Hardware and Software section.
05.50 11th December 2002 Another pre-booked destination added to the Flight Log page.
17.00 8th December 2002 Third leg to Nuuk, Greenland completed. Report posted. (Really scenic pics!)
10.05 8th December 2002 Second leg to Keflavik, Iceland completed. Report posted. Next leg taking place today!
08.30 7th December 2002 New entry for Weathermaker in the Hardware and Software section.
07.30 7th December 2002 More pre-booked destinations added to the Flight Log page.
18.50 6th December 2002 Interactive Route Map added.
07.35 6th December 2002 Pre-booked destinations added to the Flight Log page.
Useful Links page added.
07.00 4th December 2002 Next leg to Keflavik Iceland taking place Saturday 7th December - See Flight Log for more details.
18.10 3rd December 2002 Destination suggestions added to the Flight Log page.
Site links re-organised to make navigation easier.

18.05 2nd December 2002

Flight Log Page added.
First Leg to Edinburgh Scotland complete! Report posted.

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