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Leg 1

Liverpool to Edinburgh 2nd December 2002

I took off from Liverpool at 18.40 G.M.T with half tanks as it was only a short trip up to Scotland. I'll be using G.M.T. all the way through this trip as it's both universal flight time and my local time.

The weather was wet and 'orrible as it often is around here at this time of year.

However, take off was undelayed and I climbed to around 3,000. My cruise altitude was to be 10,000 but I thought I'd fly over Blackpool and give you a couple of shots of it. For those unfamiliar with the place, it's a tourist resort famous for it annual night time illuminations. They've actually finished for this year now I think, but they're still in my scenery so what the hell lol.

There's a major U.K. fun park ride there with  a roller coaster ride known as "The Big one", three piers extending into the sea and a (smaller scale) replica of The Eiffel Tower. A promenade runs the length of the beachfront area where most of the illuminations are. The scenery add-on isn't detailed enough to represent that fully but with a little imagination you'll get the idea from the screenshots.

Returning to my course (almost due North) I achieved 10,000 above the rain and relaxed as I passed over the North of the U.K.

As I approached Edinburgh, I received A.T.C. instructions to enter the pattern and promptly did so going completely the wrong way. I'm a little out of practice at this *Grin*. I realised my error and did a U-turn, finally entering the pattern properly. It wasn't raining, but there was some turbulence which bounced me about a little. I landed smoothly on Runway 24 and requested taxiing to parking. All was going really well until I got stuck behind a Cessna with the same plan. He got held up awaiting traffic. Oh well, I thought, and sat back waiting. After a few minutes, I noticed another smaller Cessna approaching from my rear. I wasn't exactly on the taxi line, and the cheeky so and so passed right me! I then watched as he finally came to rest RIGHT UNDER the first Cessna! Even though it was dark, I took a shot of this anyway and then decided that not only had I spent long enough in this queue, but that it was too dangerous to stay here with loopy pilots like that around!!

I passed by both Cessnas (looking like a mating couple) and headed on my way to the parking area. A.T.C. eventually came around to my way of thinking about this idea and let me.

A short and mostly uneventful leg, but at least I'm on my way :). Next Leg anticipated for this coming Saturday.


1) Wet and cold at Liverpool 

2) As you can see..

3) Taking off - Goodbye for a LONG time!

4) "The Big One" in Blackpool

5) Central and North Piers and the Promenade

6) Blackpool Tower

7) Cumbria through the clouds

8) Edinburgh Airport (using the CORRECT approach for Runway 24!)

9) Final Approach

10) And safely down

11) Taxiing past the main terminal

12) Stuck behind the Cessna

13 Here he comes...the queue jumper!

14) Look closely - they're making little Cessnas!

15) Finally Parked up

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